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ESG Modelling - coming soon

Environmental, Social and Governance factors have had very limited use in planning systems to date. Inclusion of ESG variables, both quantitative and qualitative within planning workflows enables assessment of impact reduction options against economic outcomes and understanding of value at risk. Initial QS Portal ESG functionality enables modelling of quantitative variables and subsequent inclusion in the planning workflow.

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ESG Modelling Features
Inclusion of ESG variables into strategic planning for more sustainable planning outcomes.
Green House Gases
Calculate carbon and carbon equivalents from first principles for all mining activities.
Power Intensity
Map power intensity across the mining chain to assess opportunity for efficiency improvements.
Water Usage
Integrate with surface and groundwater models for project mass balances.
Land Use
Assess direct and indirect land use both spatially and temporally in the planning workflow.
Social Impact
Measure relative changes to qualitative variables due to operational decisions.
Key Metrics
Present ESG metrics in meaningful ways and enable cross project comparisons.
Scenario Assessment
Run strategically significant scenarios to assess ESG impact of operational choices.
Positive outcomes
Identify material ESG variables that can be improved while maintaining economic outcomes.

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