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Model Analysis

As model development and updating becomes faster, and models contain increasing complexity, it is vitally important to critically review, understand and validate your data. Key to this is the recognition of relationships and management of risk through identification of incorrect or problematic data before they impact delivery timelines and strategic outcomes.

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Model Analysis Features
Enabling rapid analysis and validation of model data.
Spatial validation
View and confirm that your model is spatially correct.
Block specific checks
Confirm model type, extents and block sizes match expectations.
Detailed statistical review
Ensure key fields contain valid data through appropriate statistics and spatial analysis.
Compare and contrast different model versions
Understand model variance through detailed visualisations and A-B data comparisons.
Grade tonnage
Deconstruct and view distribution of all fields through this key analysis.
Understand your data using domains
Group your data to tailor your analysis and validation outcomes.
Automated flagging of problem data
Allow our library of standard checks to assist in highlighting unexpected values and errors.
Report generation
Export your analysis via autogenerated reports and collaborate online with team members.

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