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Compile scenario data for detailed analysis.

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Scenario Management - coming soon

True scenario analysis requires a significant number of scenarios to be run. The ability to compare and contrast all project scenarios in a single view, including schedule metadata, is paramount to understanding the impact of strategic decisions. Scenario management allows you to select and investigate individual or multiple scenarios in greater detail while maintaining scenario relationships.

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Scenario Management Features
Structural consistency for all scenario data to enable further detailed project analysis.
Compile scenario data
Load and compile all schedule data including all inputs and outputs.
Export metadata
Process additional metadata for more powerful analyses.
Multiple load sources
Built to load data from industry standard scheduling tools.
Control your schema
Assign a fixed structure to schedule outputs as required to aid compatibility.
The right format
Compile downloaded data to multiple industry data science formats.
Unmodified metrics
Maintains the form and integrity of input schedule results.
Built for collaboration
Cloud data storage makes sharing with your team even easier.
Flexible comparisons
Compare data from different industry scheduling packages.

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