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Workflow Validations

Moving data between different applications, data transformation and addition of new data to source models all introduce opportunity for errors to occur. Manual and automatically triggered closed loop validations provide confidence through mathematical proof of data integrity. The QS Portal inbuilt validations ensure that confidence is maintained when performing calculations on data, both externally and internally, and transferring data to and from the QS Portal.

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Workflow Validation Features
Data validations are undertaken automatically when certain actions are executed on QS Portal objects. Other actions can be validated through user execution of validations or specific analyses.
Automatically triggered
Object specific validations automatically executed
Mass balance calculations make sure models obey the laws of physics.
Detailed reporting
Spatially identify the quantum and tenor where variance exists.
Software agnostic
Undertake validations on outputs from external applications.
Full auditability
Detailed logging provides for transparency and accountability.
Rigorous approvals process
Corporate policy can be implemented to maintain confidence.
Assign level of access
Manage use through role based access control.
Full workflow integration
Validate all data changes / additions at every step of the workflow.

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