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Data Storage

Securely storing models, planning process outputs and associated data is paramount, especially as the size, complexity, and number of models and other data able to be generated grows significantly. Additional to this is the ability to easily locate models and other data as required and have confidence that you have the correct dataset. The QS Portal addresses these issues in a software agnostic manner and ensures data provenance through relational data storage and management features.

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Data Storage Features
Confidently navigate all data ensuring you have the correct information every time.
Immutable model storage
Contains read only versions of your models and associated files.
Collaborate with team members regardless of location through instantaneous access to all data and status.
Attach supporting documentation
Key model inputs, metadata and other associated files.
Secure and durable
All data stored using cloud infrastructure with market leading durability.
Full auditability
Every action is recorded with metadata for compliance and audit purposes.
Remote Access
Cloud-based solution providing data accessibility from anywhere with internet connectivity.
Assign level of access
Role based access control customised to company requirements.
Full workflow integration
All inputs and outputs for workflow components accessible in the QS Portal.

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