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Option assessment.
Quantify strategic options for better outcomes.

Quantified Strategies provides products and services to improve project outcomes.


Strategic Planning

Professional services provided range from initial scoping and mapping of options, through to detailed strategic optimisation models using the latest cutting-edge software and optimisation algorithms for individual mines, region/country, commodity, business unit or entire portfolio.

Quantified Strategies has the capability and history of delivery, along with the systems and processes that allow for quantification of the strategic terrain so as to enable clear option identification and definition.

Strategic Planning
Core Strategic Services
Quantified Strategies has a history of delivering improved outcomes for complex and challenging orebodies and operations. We work closely with clients to identify and realise additional asset value.
Cashflow Grade Modelling
Model economic outcomes for material to all possible destinations and process routes.
Ultimate Pit Selection
Pit selection based on risk due to macroeconomic uncertainty.
Schedule Optimisation
Detailed schedule optimisation model construction for complete scenario matrix assessment.
Bottleneck Assessment
Identification of bottlenecks and requirements for constraint optimisation.
Equipment Selection
Let the QS team help you find the right tool for the right job.
Strategic Scenario Selection
Understand your options in the context of various risk types as well as key business drivers.
Training and Mentoring
Up-skill your team in a wide variety of technologies and methods to get the most from your people and strategic process.
Data Analysis and Presentation
Extract maximum understanding from your strategic data and present it effectively.


Strategic planning for a world class asset in a highly challenging environment.

Since 2016 Quantified Strategies has undertaken annual strategic planning that consistently results in value uplift and mine life extensions. Detailed scenario analysis identified significant business value in undertaking a major capital project (>US$250M). Our recommendation and supporting justification were accepted by the Board, and with project completion, the operation has seen positive outcomes as modelled.

The Asset Mature Tier 1 open pit operation with owner operator 100Mtpa truck and shovel fleet. Conventional froth flotation producing multi commodity concentrate with significant environmental and community challenges.

The Outcome Changes in pit development philosophy and stage re-design. Improved cashflow and process modelling. Continual year-on-year improvements to asset value and mine life with limited additional drilling.

Strategic planning for a world class asset in a highly challenging environment.

As the operation matures, falling grades, increasing geotechnical risk and aging equipment offer significant challenges along with continuing environmental management and community issues. Development of an appropriate strategic planning process included:

  • addressing expected waste rock performance impacts
  • assessment of numerous capital options and waste management solutions
  • selection of final pit to minimise exposure to external macro-economic volatility
  • accounting for complex blending requirements cognisant of both economic and environmental effects

Quantified Strategies worked closely with the client to not only provide strategic planning but also to undertake significant knowledge transfer and training of staff. Training of internal resources results in a more sustainable workflow, improved site engagement and clearer understanding of expectations and outcomes.

Quantified Strategies developed a number of proprietary tools and methodologies to deliver these positive results. These methodologies are underpinned by sound financial theory, as well as a statistical and mathematical basis, the process for which can be clearly explained to decision makers.

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